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Monday, June 9, 2014

Wedding Season Has Begun

We headed to Indianapolis over the weekend for our first wedding of the season. Our longtime childhood friend was getting married, but in true fashion it was my family who was having the I Guess I Do moments. 

If you’ve never been to Indy, the city of Carmel is a big fan of roundabouts. Basically there are no stop signs or stop lights in the town. Just traffic circles with cars yielding in and out.

I receive this text from my mom who is driving with my dad and brother:

“We are here. Just stuck in da roundabouts.”

My message:

“And so it begins.”

Eventually they end up getting there after about an hour or so of circling the damn roundabouts.

As we are getting ready my brother proclaims that he just threw shit in a bag and has no idea what he packed. He thinks he forgot dress pants. Kyle didn’t have extra, so he went to the other room to check with my dad. No dice. Finally he found a pair crumbled in a ball in the pocket of his bag. Crisis averted.

He then realizes he forgot socks and nice shoes. Kyle loaned him socks but no one had extra shoes so he was forced to wear the boat shoes I bought him for his birthday. In the middle of making fun of my brother, I began putting on the only dress I brought for the wedding. I had worn it once before, but had since forgotten about its zipper problem. I was then reminded.

I kept trying to zip it up and it kept getting caught on the waistline of the dress. No matter how hard I tried to suck it in, it wouldn’t budge. I then began to panic and sweat and do what I typically do in these types of situations – yell at Kyle. He came over to help but nothing was working. He came up with the idea of zipping it without me in it and trying to get it over my head.

My brother then snapped a picture of me during the debacle with the dress stuck on my head as I’m yelling, “I DON’T KNOW HOW TO GET ANY SKINNIER!!!” I ripped it off, panting like a she-lion, with all the hard work I put into my hair (that I don’t normally put in) having been undone.

What were my options? Could I borrow a dress from my mom? No. Because I bitched at her for packing too much and told her just to bring one dress. Ain’t karma a bitch. Safety Pins? Maybe if the front desk had some. I gave it one last college try and by the grace of God our Savior, it zipped all the way up.

We all managed to make it to the wedding in one piece, and ended up having a great time. We talked and drank with all of our longtime family friends whom we hadn’t seen in ages in the hotel lobby bar until they literally turned the lights out on us to make us leave.

My best friend Whitney (Editor of I Guess I’m Due) also lives in Indy, so I was able to squeeze in a visit to see her super fat and to-die-for baby, Abram, for the first time.

All in all it was a great weekend. But after all of the constant travel these past couple of weeks we were definitely excited to pick up our pup Harry and settle down for a bit…

Have a great week UnBrides and remember that even though wedding season may be gearing up, take some time to settle down as well!



  1. OMG sounds like your family is a lot like mine when it comes to events and traveling (especially the brothers that pack last minute....) Hope you filmed lots of funny video footage to send to your friend later!

  2. Claire - aren't all families the same? We want to kill each other, yet love each other all at the same time! Thanks for reading :)