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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Post-Wedding Depression

It may not be a diagnosable illness, but yes, it's a thing. I'm telling you...

Post-Wedding Depression is a thing!

Yes, we all may bitch about the planning process and say we are relieved when it's over, but when everything does come to a screeching halt, you realize you have nothing to stress about, nothing to drive you crazy. You crave the "next big thing" in your life.

Now most newlyweds will deal with this type of depression as others mostly would - with ice cream, wine, and Property Brothers marathons...

I on the other hand, chose to get a house, dog, and a blog all in the same week! 

But never fear, the level of stress and lack of sleep this past year has caused me to deal with it as others mostly do - with ice cream, wine, and Property Brothers marathons...

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