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Monday, June 23, 2014

Valentina & Eric : BRIDES Live Wedding

BRIDES magazine gave America the chance to plan a million dollar wedding for one lucky couple and on June 8th, people across the country watched as every element of the wedding from the cake, to the dress, to the winning couple was revealed at the ultimate celebrity-style event. 

Valentina & Eric Vergati were the lucky winners and I got a chance to speak with the blushing bride, who is just as sweet as she is stunning, about the Stories Behind the Pretty Pictures of her BRIDES Live Wedding!

Out of all the submissions, you got a phone call saying you had made it to the final three. Now you would have to fly to Los Angeles and live in a house with two other couples and compete for your chance at a dream million-dollar wedding. Was there any hesitation in putting your lives on hold and taking the trip out knowing it may not work in your favor?

We were just super excited because there were so many applicants, and we were thrilled to make it in the top three! Luckily, I have a very flexible job, so they were okay with that and Eric’s employer was willing to work with us as well.

BRIDES asked us if we were even able to do to this, and I said, “Yes!”… and then I called Eric! 

Was it tough making friendships and getting to know the other couples knowing that only one of you could win?

Going into it when we first got to LA, we were so nervous. We wondered what the couples would be like and how they were going to be. Are they super cute? Are they super nice? Are they going to hate us?

But everyone was so nice and we all became friends. It was kind of like having a weeklong slumber party! 

How did you find out you had won and what was the first word that popped into your head? 
They set up a date and time with us to Skype. We nervously sat in front of our computer for I don’t know – like twenty minutes?! We were so nervous and had to give ourselves a pep talk. We kept saying, no matter what happens, we love each other and the end goal is us getting married either way.

I’m not sure if only one word popped into my head. I just started shouting like a spider monkey. Lots of screaming and lots of hugging, we were thrilled! 

Nothing says I Guess I Do like letting America choose your entire wedding – everything from the tuxes, to the flowers, to your dress! Were you happy with their decisions?

Yes! We were so happy with their decisions. And honestly, people had asked me in the midst of the contest, “You’re not going to get to choose anything. How do you feel about that?”

Really, we were so fine with it. One, it’s Brides Magazine and they are the best of the best for brides. They’re the ones planning it and I knew they weren’t going to choose anything that would make me look bad, so I didn’t have any worries about it! 

Valentina, you called this process “Wedding Planning on Steroids” – did you know so much went into planning one singular event?

Not at all! I had no idea! When I got engaged, I think I joined every single bridal website, and any kind of wedding checklist because I had no idea! 

While America may have made many of the decisions, BRIDES Magazine and Conde Nast would donate the funds from the wedding to the charity of your choice. Why the Lupus Foundation of America? 
We chose the Lupus Foundation of America because my dad has Lupus, and my sister also had Lupus. She actually passed away two years ago at the age of twenty-three because of it.

My sister and I were so close, we were best friends, so there was no doubt in my mind that was the charity we wanted. Even if we hadn’t won this contest, we were just glad to have gotten the chance to spread awareness. 

After a million-dollar wedding and a honeymoon to Bora Bora, what’s next for you two? 
We just want to enjoy each other. We would like to do some traveling and then maybe in a year or two, start our own family. 

Lastly, and most importantly are you going to let BRIDES Magazine and America choose your baby’s name whenever that time may come?

I never thought about that! Maybe if we got to narrow it down to four names we liked and then let them pick. As long as it isn’t something crazy!

Based on what they already decided for our wedding, I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to the idea… 

To see Valentina & Eric's entire ceremony and reception featuring a surprise performance from G.R.L. - Click HERE!

And to see how YOU can be the next winner of BRIDES Live Wedding check out Brides.com and stay up to date on their latest news, tips, and trends on their Facebook Page


Venue: St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort  Dress: Monique Lhuillier  Tux: Jos.A.Bank  Bridesmaid Dresses: Allure Bridals  Jewelry: Simon G  Hair & Makeup: Neutrogena  Planner: Brooke Keegan  Event Design: White Lilac  Nails: Sally Hansen  Stationary: Invitations by Dawn  Cake: Carlo's Bakery  Registry Gifts: Target  Airfare: jetBlue

Photos Courtesy: Getty Images

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