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Monday, December 2, 2013

Aruna Seth Shoes

Meet Aruna Seth. Remember that name my friends, and snag a pair of her shoes right now, because she is about to become the next "Must Have" shoe line in the States. Mark my word!

For my wedding, I decided to buy some fancy shoes, the red bottomed kind. Yes they looked killer, but they also killed my feet. I spent a lot of money only to kick them off and go barefoot as soon as I got to the reception. 

So when I met Aruna Seth in New York during Bridal Fashion Week, it was her designs that first caught my eye. But then she made me try a pair on, and I'm not lying when I say they were the most comfortable heels I have ever put on. Coming from a girl whose wide feet only seem to fit into flip flops - that's saying a lot!

Pippa Middleton chose to wear Aruna Seth Shoes to her sister's big day, the Royal Wedding, now find out why you should too!

As you can see, Aruna's shoes can be worn to any event - cocktail, casual, or occasion. And if your significant other is struggling for gift ideas this holiday season, then pass along this blog post. (Trust me I know how that goes, I once received a bottle of JLO Glow. I now send along hints. It's best for the both of us.)

And check out more of Aruna's Designs at www.arunaseth.com  They would make a great investment to your bridal attire, because not only will you be able to wear them again, but wear them the entire night! 

Be sure to show Aruna some love on Facebook and stay up to date with the latest collections, trends, and sales at @ArunaSeth on Twitter.


  1. These shoes are beautiful AND comfortable? Sign me up! It would be nice to stay in your shoes all evening instead of switching to hideous flip flops once you're drunk enough not to care. Thanks for sharing another great designer!

  2. They say pain is beauty but when it comes to your feet, I won't lie...sometimes I just can't deal so thank you for sharing these fabulous and comfy shoes! I love what I see!

  3. Loving these shoes, and the fact that they are cashmere for my feet?! - I will take 2 pairs please!

  4. A comfy set of every day heels is so critical for professional women! Years of bad heels while teaching has left my mom unable to wear anything but tennis shoes, scared to death of the same fate!

  5. Love Aruna's collection! She is really making a name for herself in the celebrity world! Maybe when I get married I will have to get myself a pair! Beautiful.

  6. oh my gosh...the blue "jemima" shoes would have rocked my wedding dress! love, love love!

  7. I'm always on the hunt for comfortable heels. Aruna Seth rocks and I can't wait to own a pair! Thanks for sharing.