Monday, July 21, 2014


I was fortunate enough not to have a Fashion Police taping this week, and was able to head back to my hometown of Sandusky, Ohio to reunite with some college friends. Our old college adviser was nice enough to treat us all to a stay at Cedar Point for the weekend. 

It's easy to lose touch as the years go by, but I've realized not to let the good ones slip away. They are worth the effort. It was great to catch up, bust each others balls, and do what we do best -- drink. 

We also caught up with family and celebrated my brother's birthday with a cookout, some cornhole, and our annual water balloon toss. 

While I am grateful for my life in LA, there are plenty of things I miss about Ohio - the smell of freshly cut grass, listening to thunderstorms, the lake, my dog George, shredded chicken sandwiches, and the people - especially the people. 

I've been to lots of places, but can still confidently say - Midwest is the Best...

Have a great week UnBrides and try to share it with some good peeps!


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