Monday, July 28, 2014


A birthday gets better when you have your best friends from college to share it with. I love these two and truly mean it. I believe you can love your husband, but can have that same type of undying love for your friends. We've seen each other through the darkest of times, and it's nice to be coming out the other end. 

You can say what you want about me, maybe you think I'm a bitch, or maybe you find my humor funny, but the one thing you can't call me is fake. If I like you, I really like you. And if I don't, I don't act like I do. But if I call you a friend (a word I use sparingly) I would cut a bitch for you, or take a bullet for you (okay, so I may hesitate at the bullet, but a large blunt object--I can safely say I wouldn't flinch).

I am thankful for the constant laughter these two bring into my life, even if we only get to do it face-to-face once a year. For us, that's all we need.

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