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Amy & Brian Trevisan

Meet Amy and Brian. Their wedding was definitely one for the record books - chalk full of  I Guess I Do moments. But what I love, is that their wedding is the definition of this blog. Despite all that went on behind the scenes, they didn't let it put a damper their night! Enjoy Amy's hilarious story in her own words below! 

A wedding is a glorified party for 2 people celebrating their love and union together. Granted, you only hope to do this once in your life, at the end of the day, it is a party and that is it. I see my friends going through the planning right now and I can’t help but think about my wedding and everything that transpired that day. The booze was flowing, 80’s music was blasting and the food was good. These are the things people remember at a wedding. Not the nit-picky little things like napkin colors, flower arrangements, wedding favors, etc. 

I know I sound like every bride when I say my wedding was a great time for all. From the outside looking in it was well coordinated and planned. The flowers looked nice, my dress was beautiful and the venue was romantic (the ceremony and reception were held at a yacht club overlooking the Huntington Harbor area). What my guests didn’t see was the crazy bride-to-be running around with her head cut off all day and not taking in all of the great moments we are “supposed” to experience. On the day of my wedding everything that could go wrong went wrong. Here is a little rundown of my wedding day (which ended up being one of the best days of my life).

8am: Woke up (hungover) in a hotel room with all my bridesmaids. We actually had the rehearsal 2 nights before because we wanted to avoid the hangover situation. My bridesmaids and I had still gone out to dinner the night before and had a few too many sake bombs. My hangover wasn’t the worst I have ever had, but I did have to visit the bathroom a couple times prior to going to get my hair done. My Maid of Honor was my sister so it goes without saying we fight often. But I thought it may be different on my wedding day. Nope. She woke up mad at me from the night before and she didn’t want to wake up because it was early (we had less than an hour for all of us to take showers and get to the hair salon that was 15 minutes away). I don’t know too many brides that have been cussed out on the morning of their wedding (especially by their MOH), but this is just the start of my “perfect wedding day”. My bridesmaids actually had to step in and tell her to suck it up and stop being a bitch. It was my day and they did not want her to be the thorn in my bronzed ass.

9am: Arrived at the hair salon with all 5 of my bridesmaids for hair and makeup. (The groom is golfing right down the street from the salon with his groomsmen). I was never able to make it to my style appointment prior to this day because my future hubby to be had too much “fun” on his bachelor party and I had to take him to the ER when my hair appointment was scheduled. I didn’t think it would be a big deal because I had a simple look in mind. I went in, explained it to my hairdresser and he assured that I would love it.

45 minutes into my hair, I started thinking this is NOT what I want at all. Even my bridesmaids couldn’t tell me they liked it with a straight face. It was horrific!! Not even close to what I had in mind and what I had explained to him. I started to tear up because I saw all my bridesmaids getting their hair done and they all looked so beautiful. I had told my stylist that I didn’t like my hair and he took it personally and made me feel bad about saying anything. I left the chair to go upstairs to get my makeup done because I just didn’t know what to do. I would have to completely start from scratch, and I didn’t have time for that. The lady that was doing our makeup knew by the look of my face when I got up there that I was not happy. She was brutally honest and told me that my hair looked like shit. I think everyone in the salon thought that. It just so happened that her mom owned the salon and she called her upstairs for an emergency make over. So while I was getting my make-up done, the owner took out all of my hair, re-curled it with tighter spirals and put my veil back in. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but it was close enough. I was beginning to feel a little better. Hangover was subsiding, I was able to eat finally (MOH was finally coming around and ran over to get McDonald's for lunch) and even able to drink a little champagne to take the edge off. 

I failed to mention that during all of this, my mom was MIA. She went back to the hotel because she didn’t see a need to be there and she “wasn’t feeling well”. While she wasn’t really needed and most of the time I get annoyed by her, I thought that this was something my mom wanted to experience with me and that she “should” be there with me. Hair and makeup was done and we had to stop by the venue which was on the way back to the hotel because I wanted to make sure everything was moving smoothly. I also had to pick up our flowers for the pictures that were going to be held at our hotel.

12PM: Got to the venue and flowers had arrived. My MIL and her friends were absolutely amazing in helping getting all the tables put together. I didn’t have a coordinator to take over everything, but my MIL was more than enough. From what I saw the tables were coming along amazing. There was one problem though. One of the larger tables that was supposed to be for my extended family (Aunts, Uncles and cousins who I am close with) did not fit inside the ballroom!!! There were 3 larger tables that were supposed to accommodate our families and only 2 fit in the area. So last minute they were put outside on the patio area with a couple other tables (needless to say, I got a lot of crap from them not being included in the family area). But as I left, I was confident that everything was coming along and I would be very happy with the end results.

1:30PM: Back at the hotel room getting ready with all of my bridesmaids and family started showing up for pictures (scheduled at 3pm). My twin brother was stuck in traffic with my Grammy coming up from San Diego and had to keep calling to give us updates. But hell let’s throw another curve ball; my photographer was MIA and he was not answering his phone!! My videographer finally showed up and asked if I had talked to the photographer. He had to be the bearer of bad news and tell me that he wasn’t going to be able to make it due to a family emergency!! This is the guy that we had gone over all the shots with and what pictures I was expecting. The videographer would now be the head photographer and he brought around 6 people to help assist him take photos and video (guests eventually referred to them as the paparazzi because there were so many damn people taking pictures). I finally got in touch with the photographer and gave him a piece of my mind. While I understand emergencies come up, he actually admitted it was not a dire emergency which pissed me off even more! I mean, who doesn’t even give the courtesy to call and let a bride know on her wedding day that the person who is supposed to capture the most important day of her life can’t make it. I even paid the deposit!! I had to call my fiancée (who I wanted to avoid talking to until the ceremony) and tell him the good news. He was mad as all hell but he knew the stress I was under and was really great in helping me calm down. I mean there is nothing I could do except be thankful that someone showed up to take the pictures (and with a lot of help)….right? 

We proceeded to take photos with all the bridesmaids at first because my brother was still not there with my Grammy. We got in all of the shots that we could without the final family pictures. I finally saw my Grammy walk in and following her was my brother. And as they walked in it was clear that my brother disregarded the suit that I had arranged for him (he was supposed to match the groomsmen). While he looked very sharp and handsome, he was wearing his military “dress whites” that completely matched me!! Everyone in the hotel thought we were the ones getting married! Like I said, he looked very handsome but it is not what I told him to wear, so you can imagine my surprise as he walked in. Oh well, just add it to the list. Family pictures were done and my parents (who are divorced) actually got along for the sake of me so that was a plus. 
4PM: We decided to get drinks in the hotel bar while we waited for the limo. The limo was scheduled to show up around this time but was nowhere to be found. We had called the company who patched us through to the driver and he told us that he was at the groom’s hotel (which was 15 minutes away). Apparently there was some major miscommunication between him and his office. My wedding was scheduled to start at 5pm sharp. He apologized profusely and he was on his way to our hotel (which was 10 miles down the road on PCH in the middle of summer time with bumper to bumper traffic). Awesome. At least we were in the bar where I could drink all my troubles from the day away. The limo finally showed up and we took side streets all the way there because PCH had so much traffic and there was no way we would make it on time. We arrived about 10 min before the ceremony was scheduled. At this point I didn’t know how to feel. I was a little buzzed and my emotions were so up and down. When we pulled up, I saw all of the guests conversing and everyone looked so happy. My dad came to the limo to greet me with a glass of champagne because he knew how my day had gone so far. With all the emotions running through my head I started to cry with my makeup and everything. I was happy, stressed, frustrated, you name it. Crazy thoughts were running through my head. Were all these events a sign that I shouldn’t be getting married? 

I definitely have my bridesmaids to thank for keeping me together. My friend Megan had said something to me that I will never forget. She had said that she had been to the most perfect wedding a year prior and that everything went absolutely perfect for the bride on her wedding day. Nothing went wrong, totally smooth sailing for her. She then said that a year later they were divorced. Maybe this shouldn’t have made me feel better (I mean divorce totally sucks), but it did. Maybe all the craziness of the day would just be a really good story one day and I would look back and laugh about it later (at that time I didn’t think it was possible but time heals all). My friend Becca, who had just been married, gave me a little pep talk as well. It went something like this; all of your family and friends are here to see you and Brian commit to each other. They don’t care about anything else. This is YOUR day and nothing can take that away. Everything that has happened is done and you are still here looking beautiful, about to walk down the aisle and marry the man of your dreams. She pointed out to where the guests were all mingling and having a great time. She said; “Look, they have no idea what you have been through. Let’s walk down the aisle and get this party started!" With that, I thanked her for putting everything in perspective, chugged my champagne, grabbed my dad and told him I was ready!!

The rest is history. We said our I Do’s, and proceeded to party the night away. All of my guests complimented me on how gorgeous everything turned out and how it was one of the best weddings they had been to. I still get it 4 years later. 

With that said, here is my unsolicited advice to future brides. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Hell, don’t sweat the big stuff. At the time, it will be the most important day of your life. But all the things that could go wrong will not affect the ultimate purpose of your wedding; celebrating love. It will all come together in the end, and as long as you throw a great party people will talk about it for years to come. 

Flowers: Petals by Xavi  Caterer: Country Garden   Dress: Mon Amie Bridal 

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