Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Festivities

How did you spend your Super Bowl UnBrides? Were you happy the Seahawks won? We always have people over for the game because growing up I was always taught this day came second only to Christmas. So like my father, we now have TV's in every room, including the kitchen, and endless amounts of food.

I made my famous Buffalo Chicken Dip. I may give you all the recipe some day, but I keep it closely guarded because it's the only reason people invite me to parties. I also feel like the Pinterest gods were against me when I bought this cake from Von's. Yes I could have made something cute from scratch, but ain't nobody got time for that. Needless to say, it barely made it through the car ride home. 

Also a Super Bowl staple in the Kelley house is "The Betting Board." This was my dad's holy grail growing up and we have continued the tradition. Only at our party were people screaming during the National Anthem if it was over/under 2:25, or going nuts when the coin toss was heads or tails. It gets everyone interested in the game whether your a die hard fan or someone who could care less. I mean you've got 5 bucks riding on this!

Well I hope you had a good night with your fam and friends. Hopefully they were able to keep you awake during the game. We have a great Hawaiian wedding chalked full of I Guess I Do moments to share with you on Thursday. Stay Tuned!

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