Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day

How did you spend your Valentine's Day weekend Un-Brides? Kyle and I aren't really ones for splurging on holidays. Last Valentine's Day, he played in his basketball league and I spent the night eating peanut butter Cheerios and watching Downton Abbey in bed. A perfect night if you ask me.

This year Kyle's mom was in town for President's Day weekend so we had dinner at our favorite restaurant Koi and exchanged cards. 

If you know Kyle, you know that this is the perfect Valentine's Day card for him. His badonk is envied by the likes of JLO and the Kardashians, and his jean shopping trips always end with him wishing they made apple bottoms for men. It's sad that I'm jealous of my own husband's ass. 
With the Mother-in-Law being in town, I was inspired to do a post this Thursday on Mother/Son Dance songs. Have a great week Un-Brides!

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