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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Justin & Sarah : Alisha Sims Photography

Hey everyone -- Hope you all had a great holiday and an even better new year! Kicking off 2016 on I Guess I Do is Sarah and Justin's beautiful, blue wedding. But as we know not everything goes off without a hitch, so enjoy Sarah's story in her own words below!

The night after getting engaged I could barely sleep I was so excited to start planning our wedding. Pinterest quickly became the most used app on my phone. After starting to talk with vendors I quickly realized how much I disliked the planning process, or I suppose I should say I quickly realized how much I disliked hearing how much the things I liked from Pinterest cost!

Cincinnati had a huge impact on our wedding. It was where we met and got engaged. It also felt so much like home being that we lived 3.5 hours away in another state. Nothing made me happier than coming around the corner in northern Kentucky to see the city lights of Cincinnati. I knew that I wanted those city lights to play a huge role in our day!

Contacting vendors and discussing ideas was an awful process, every time I started on a new group of vendors, the idea of eloping sounded better and better. 

Although, I will say even though the process had its frustrating moments, I found some of the most amazing and down to earth vendors. The people I used were people that I felt like were really in it to help me make my day perfect and not just looking for an extra paycheck. Even though I feel as though I made 1000 phone calls to DJs, caterers, videographers, and I between, I'm so happy with those that I did find.

There were only a couple of mishaps on the day of the wedding. I love to be proactive as much as possible, I made timelines, tables, charts, and everything in between. Not to be a bridezilla, but basically so that if something went wrong the day of, it could be taken care of without my knowledge. Even though it was a total pain, I highly suggest this. I am sure there were 100 more mishaps that happened that day that I didn't even know about. 

Justin and I's dog is a huge part of our lives, so of course, Chalupa Batman, had to be apart of our wedding. He came down the aisle in a wagon with our ring bearers. Everyone in my family was very nervous that he wouldn't stay in the wagon during the ceremony (myself included). The night of the rehearsal he did exactly what we all thought he would do, he jumped right out of the wagon. For the wedding, all of the family members decided Chalupa would have a Benadryl a couple of hours before the ceremony so he would be a little more calm (before you call animal control, this was suggested by our vet). Justin was in charge of Chalupa the day of the wedding so I made sure he had the medicine. Thankfully the ceremony went perfect and our little nugget stayed in his wagon the whole time. I later found out Justin never even gave Chalupa any medication. I'm so glad no one in our family knew the day of, because we would have all been so nervous. 

One place that we had to visit during our wedding was our favorite dive bar, Monks Cove. A bar with a Key West feel in a neighborhood that Justin and I both lived in. The owners are the most down to earth people, it really is a place where everyone knows your name. Monks Cove is infamous for giving away items the more beverages you buy (brilliant business plan). One thing that we always seemed to get our hands on were sunglasses, and then we always punched the lenses out. To some these pictures may seem silly, but it really meant a lot to us to showcase a place that the beginning of our friendship and relationship started. 

Another portion that really upset me was the big beautiful front revolving door of our venue was being replaced 2 months before our wedding. I didn't think twice about this until I went to the venue a week before our big deal and realized, THERE STILL WAS NO FRONT DOOR! I thought this was the biggest issue I was going to face. Two weeks after the wedding, a coworker of mine asked me how the front door issue went the day of the wedding and my response to her was, "I honestly don't remember if it was there or not." It goes to show you how much of a blur that day can actually be!! 

Overall, our day was perfect. We had our mishaps throughout the day, everyone will, but honestly they make for the best stories. Of course there are things you will have wished went differently, but in the end, it's the greatest day of your life celebrating your love for each other with all your friends and family. 

Vendors: Alisha Sims Photography   Videographer: I Do Wedding Videos  Venue: Catering and Cake: The Metropolitan Club  Florals: Timothy’s Florals

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