Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Choose Your Wedding Party Wisely

This weekend I flew to Houston to visit my best friends from college. We all live in different states and each year we rotate where we spend our yearly girls weekend. 

I believe you can have different kinds of great loves in your life and these two are definitely ones of mine. Good, genuine girlfriends are hard to come by, so when you find them, don't let them go. Make time. Call often. Travel. Sacrifice in order to make trips work. The great ones are worth making it last. 

All we need is a couch and some takeout (Margaritas if you are in Houston... apparently its legal and legit to buy them to-go. Who knew?!) and the conversations and laughs will go on for hours. I am so thankful these two were there for me on my wedding day. Which got me to thinking about the importance of who you surround yourself with on that day. 

My chapel had a limit of 4 Bridesmaids, so I went with my best friend from high school - Whitney, my best friend from college (Jade - pictured left), and Kyle's two sisters. Natalie (pictured right) was our reader. (Nat is my holy friend. I knew she was one of the few I knew who wouldn't burst into flames when starting to read in a church.)

So when you are choosing your bridesmaids and those partaking in your wedding day, choose wisely. Don't make choices because you feel pressured, make choices because these people have made a significant impact on your life. And the key is that you think they will continue to do so. 

Also, selecting those who have already seen you at your worst is a plus. So when you are crying over chocolate covered strawberries, they won't think any less of you. They already knew you were kinda bat-shit to begin with. 

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