Sunday, August 11, 2013

Modern Ceremony Music

No thanks to my father, Kyle and I began scouring YouTube to pick out our ceremony music. Although we were getting married at a church, Wayfarer's Chapel was a very liberal non-denominational church that allowed gay marriages and modern music. The first time we ever went to a service there, they played Stone Temple Pilots as their recessional hymn. We knew this was the place for us.

We wanted a mix of contemporary and traditional, and songs that were meaningful to us. We chose to do instrumental versions of all of the songs below. Check out our ceremony playlist!  
What are some songs you used at your wedding? And what are some songs you think would make for great ceremony music?

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  1. Michael thought it was the greatest thing ever that you had tupac's changes :) I would have loved to have modern fun music! And I loved your reading!