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Monday, March 31, 2014

WeddingMix Giveaway

One of our favorites - Ariane Fisher is back to tell us why she regrets not having video for her own wedding, plus she's giving you all an amazing $100 Video Package Giveaway from her company WeddingMix!

5 Moments I'm Kicking Myself for Not Getting on Video + A Giveaway

I was lucky to marry my man. It certainly wasn't fated. We were sooooo different when we started dating. Somehow, we made it past the awkward dating phase… past the "aww they're so cute"... past the "when are you two getting married already??"... and finally got engaged.

That's where the fun began. Unlike many women, I hadn't been dreaming of my wedding day since the age of 5. I had no grand vision. Backyard barbeque would have been fine by me. Luckily, my man declared, "We will have a huge party on our meager budget. I'll plan it. You make it happen."

Our priorities were the killer bar band that would refuse to play any dumb wedding songs, and the top shelf liquor. Between the band, the booze, and our huge guest list, there went most of our wedding budget. So DIY it was.

Despite the strict budget, our wedding was an extravaganza to say the least. Yet, there was one crucial detail that was completely left out -- we didn’t have a wedding video.

Sure, our guests took pictures of our vows and cake-cutting, but I realized too late that it was the wedding planning details and candid reception moments that actually meant the most to me.  Thinking back now, here are the 5 priceless moments from our wedding that I wish I had caught on video:

1. Dress shopping. It was fun. I went with my mom, sister and two best friends. The arguments of who looked worse in the dresses were kinda hysterical. And come on, you have to do the twirl!

2. DIYing. While I didn't have a vision for my invitations, I did want them to be unique. So I learned how to print and emboss. We had a glue gun/embossing party. Yes, there was alcohol involved. And glitter everywhere. I'd love to relive my father-in-law sprinkling silver glitter onto purple paper. I'm sure that never happened before or since!

3. The Bug-Eyes Oh, the bug-eyes. I had a $500 budget for a wedding dress. What was a girl to do? So, I taught myself to sew and spent the money on top-shelf fabric. I didn't account for the alterations though. My friend, who is a seamstress, gave that to me as a wedding gift. Unfortunately, we didn't take into account that altering the neckline would have unintended consequences. The nineteen yards of fabric (literally) in the skirt portion, weighed down the top, so the alteration made the dress VERY low cut. I never wore low cut outfits. And pre-kids, I was sporting some nice boobage. The very first time my man saw me in the dress was in the church… coming down the aisle. Me and my boobage. And I wish I caught his bug-eyes on video!

4. Our Drunk Moms. Our moms are not big drinkers, but who can refuse a live band and Jack Daniels. And what could be more entertaining than drunken moms in a mosh pit???

5. Camping Adventure Honeymoon. Lastly, the honeymoon. We did a two week adventure around western Oregon, northern California and a bit of Washington. Skiing, hiking, dune buggies, camping… we did it all. And I have no video of it! I totally wish my man got video of my face plant on a black diamond slope of Mt. Hood.

We were so bummed about not getting video that we decided to help everyone else get an affordable wedding video of their favorite moments. You can use our WeddingMix app or rented HD cameras, so that your friends can help film your wedding video - from the proposal all the way through the honeymoon. You even have the option of importing all the photos and videos your friends upload to Instagram!

Here's an infographic I created to help you capture those key wedding moments on photo and video. Even if you don't use WeddingMix for your wedding, this graphic is a great cheat-sheet to make your wedding planning easier. 

And to sweeten the pot, we're giving away a $100 WeddingMix package which you can use for a free app package or apply toward a camera package. And every entrant gets a 10% discount coupon for their reservation!

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The Giveaway ends April 13th, so be sure to click and enter at the link above! Wedding Mix is a great and affordable way to make sure all of those moments don't go missed! And to see what else they are up to check them out on Facebook & Twitter!

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