Monday, September 21, 2015

Emmy Awards

Did you watch the Emmy's last night? Here are my picks for Best & Worst Dressed:

Best Dressed: Kerry Washington in Marc Jacobs. It's a flirty, fun and still makes a statement on the carpet. Plus, she gets bonus points since TGIT starts this Thursday. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Best Dressed Runner-Up:
Claire Danes in Prada. Listen I know the Kardashians have made the world go gaga over boobs and asses, but I love and appreciate a flat chested woman. I actually prefer it, especially when they rock it. Represent girl.

Worst Dressed: Heidi Klum in Versace. You need to tell this dress "Auf Wiedersehen."

Worst Dressed Runner-Up: Tracee Ellis Ross in Zac Posen. I know we once took a workout class together and bonded over the fact that we were the two in the back that totally sucked, but I can't give you a pass on this Little House on the Prairie get up. It's Bad-ish. 

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