Monday, June 8, 2015

Social Media Standoff

I have a love/hate relationship with social media these days, but you will be happy to know that since this discussion above leading up to our wedding, I somehow found a way to get one of those emoji keyboards onto my phone. TECHNOLOGY!

For years, I was never on The Book until I decided I was going to start writing this damn thing. It's a great way to spread my posts, but it also has left me mindlessly scrolling through newsfeeds at night leaving me mesmerized by what people ate for dinner or if someone's kid finally poopied on the potty. 

I am a product of my technological inept parents who are also resistant to any sort of change for the better. Teaching them how to add an attachment to their email has become the bane of my existence

Either way, I think it all comes down to balancing how much you stalk and how much you overshare. Yes, this coming from the person who blogged openly about shitting their pants on her blog. Kettle, I know...

But I've always found it ironic that we call it "social media" because I think it has caused us to be anything but social... 

Alright. Time to tweet, pin, and intsa this post out now. EVEN MORE TOMFOOLERY! 

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