Monday, April 13, 2015

Ikea Pinterest Fail

I don't know why we do it. But we always do it to ourselves...

Just when we think our house is finally all set - everything is decorated, every detail is perfect, we go ahead and decide to change everything

It all started when we visited my in-laws in Arizona a couple weeks back. They had a massive King size bed in which we slept in. It was so large that Kyle didn't even realize I was lying next to him, which meant one thing -- he had to have it.

Maybe it's the fact that I'm a mouth breather or that our dog, Harry, claims most of his territory, but there was one resounding idea that came out of this trip - our old Queen had got to go.

So the day before my parents arrived to stay with us for Easter (did I also mention we are masters at timing?) we purchased our new King bed. In typical guy fashion, Kyle said he was fine with just putting the box springs and mattress on the ground. To which I replied, "What do you think I am? Some kind of monster?"

He knew his fate was sealed. He had just opened the dreaded door to throw pillows, random decorative objects, and endless trips to Home Depot. 

And so it began. We lugged our old Ikea bed down to the crawl space, our old master bedroom Queen set (the horror!) to the guest room, and had the new King bed delivered to the master. Oh and we painted the guest room at some point during all of this. At which point I don't know, it's all a haze. 

Partaking in your own version of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition always seems like a great idea until you are about halfway through and realize you live in a townhouse with three flights of stairs, kind of like "It's a Small World" at Disney - halfway through, you just want OFF THIS RIDE.

Once my parents had left and the ride had almost come to a complete stop, yesterday we decided to complete our final task- re-purpose our old Ikea dressers to match our new King bed. I had seen these Ikea hacks on Pinterest and wanted to give it a try. Famous last words.

So once again we lugged the dresser and nightstands down to the garage. We bought the same spray paint and sprayer contraption this girl said to get and painted all day. At the end of the night we once again brought everything back up to the bedroom. We had purchased silver hardware to put on the drawers but said screw it - not because it didn't look good, but because these things are literally duct taped together on the inside and won't make it past these parts when we decide to move again. And we were straight up over it. Just painting them from brown to black was enough for us.

At last, in our darkly lit room we were able to sleep soundly, knowing we were finally all done. Until...

I opened the shades in the morning. 

Holy spotted spray paint dresser!

I care, but not enough to drag that thing downstairs again. I know it will irk me for a while until I cave in and repaint it, but for now I will choose to ignore it. Plus Kyle may off me if I make him do another thing with this place. 

No one is going to be in that room besides us, but if you do happen to come over, please simply lie to us and say, "Damn that is one fine looking dresser!"

If you are wondering what this has to do with weddings, the answer is it doesn't. It just goes to show that nearly three years later the groom will always be an unwilling participant in DIY hell and the bride will never be satisfied with the outcome. 

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