Monday, January 26, 2015

SAG Awards

Best Dressed: Jennifer Aniston. Well let’s see, you don’t have 7 kids, you just got back from drinking margaritas on a beach in Cabo, and you look like this. I’d say in the game of life you are #WINNING.

Best Dressed Runner-Up: Emma Stone. On this blah carpet, at least you were giving us something different! Thank you for coming to play today…

Worst Dressed: Lorelei Linklater. ‘Yee-gads’ as my Mom would say. I plan on watching your movie ‘Boyhood’ tomorrow. Let’s hope it fairs better than this dress.

Worst Dressed Runner-Up: Rosamund Pike. Don’t get me wrong, I sport tent dresses all the time in an attempt to hide my bloat after a long round of day-drinking, but I’m also not attending the SAG Awards. This dress should be gone girl. (Sorry, I had to.)

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