Thursday, November 20, 2014

Contingency Account

If there is anything you have learned about Kyle through this blog, it's that sports takes precedent over everything else...even on our wedding day. So when the Ohio State game was on during that day, it was important that him and his groomsmen be able to watch it while they were getting ready. 

But if there's one thing I learned about the wedding industry, it's that nothing is free... 

In order for the hotel to simply move a TV into that room, it was going to cost a cool two hundo. Kyle then suggested he walk over our TV from our apartment which was a couple blocks down from the hotel. Of course I looked at him like he was insane. 

He was already constructing and dropping off a photo wall, running people around, and trying to get ready. Did he really need to be a lugging TV down the street too?

In the end, Kyle and the guys ended up getting ready at Terranea, a resort closer to the ceremony. TV crisis averted. 

But this was just one of the many costs that popped up at the end. My advice would be to set 1k-2k aside in an account for any possible obstacles that may happen in the end. That way you can pull from your already designated pot, instead of having to lose it from somewhere else in the wedding you wouldn't want to. 

Because even though wedding costs may like to kick you when you're least you'll be able to watch TV while it happens.

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