Monday, September 29, 2014

Year Two

Is it really September? Would someone please just slow it all down, or give my life a Zach Morris “Timeout” – either of the two would suffice.

These past couple of months have truly been a blur. Full of tremendous highs, unbearable lows, sprinkled in with a few days of solace – a true rollercoaster in every sense of the word. 

While many people say, “Wow – I can’t believe we’ve been married two years!” Well I can. I feel like we’ve lived nine lives already. Our marriage began with a blood clot and year two commenced with the loss of our beloved Joanie.

And despite the twists and turns on this ride, there has always remained one constant: Kyle.

Now I hate when people gush about their significant other on Facebook, the sappy pictures of flowers and endless amounts of emoji’s (which I still don’t know how to use), takes everything in me not to comment “Just make sure to delete this when you breakup.” That is why I do not log onto The Book while intoxicated.

Obviously as you can tell from the blog, Kyle and I do not take ourselves nor our relationship too seriously. But in this moment, I do want to thank the man who this past month has brought me back to life, who has carried all of the loads I couldn’t possibly bear, and who has absolutely gone above and beyond to make sure I knew he was there for me.

Who runs out and picks up your Midol and tampons without flinching while you cry in the fetal position? Kyle Kelley. And he did so with a smile. Young guys out there – that is how a secure, confident man handles the situation. And if you do the same, you will have a long lasting relationship.

I leave you all with an exclusive look as we share our wedding vows for the first time, vows that keep getting deeper and take on new meaning year after year.

We said in sickness and in health and for better or worse—but the true key is having that unwavering faith that no matter what happens, as long as we have each other, things will always get better…

Thank you my love.

For everything. 

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