Thursday, September 4, 2014

Speak Now

Kyle and I are constantly on the search for good date night movies to watch at home. (Is it just me or do you feel like you have to live on ramen in order to afford movie tickets these days?) Anyways, I am sucker for romantic comedies, Kyle on the other hand is not, but the film Speak Now was a perfect combo for the both of us.
The film is the antithesis of I Guess I Do with a group of high school friends reuniting for a wedding, but as the night unfolds old offenses and newly mounting scandal plunge the group back into a pool of high-school drama. I feel like I have already been to a couple of those myself. Haven't we all?

The film was shot over the course of three days with all of the dialogue being improvised by the actors narrating the story as if it were the couple's wedding video.

Since it was such a great fit for the blog, I wanted all of you guys to be able to watch it as well! Click HERE and enter the exclusive promo code "iguessido" to purchase the film for $4.99. It is also available to rent on iTunes and GooglePlay. 

Speak Now will also be playing in Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina September 8-14 for the South Arts Southern Filmmaker’s Circuit

Here's a look at the trailer. Enjoy!

Speak Now Trailer from Noah Harald on Vimeo.

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