Monday, September 8, 2014

For Our Joanie

It all seems so surreal. Just last Monday we were celebrating the completion of our Emmy's special, and now this Monday we return from her remarkable memorial in NYC.

She made many people laugh and many people mad, yet my favorite moments of Joan Rivers was when she was being just that - Joan Rivers...

When her grandson Cooper would come to set and sit on her lap in between takes, or when she couldn't get through a joke because she was already laughing too hard. I think still to this day she hasn't pronounced Wilmer Valderrama's name right...

It was these little moments that made her human, but it was her talent that made her a legend. We will always love you. We will eternally miss you. But if there's anything that we can learn from your 60 year career - it's that just because you're down, doesn't mean you're out. 

Today I leave you with something Joan said to the audience during a Q&A session that stuck with me so much in that moment that I tweeted it out: 
Don't rest - you never did. Why stop up there? Keep 'em laughing Joanie...

Photo Credit: Charles William Bush


  1. I salute you Joan! I'm awestruck by the brightness of your humor and strength of your humanity. I know right now it must be standing room only in Heaven. Thanks for all the laughs and God bless!

  2. I just had to re-read this. Still miss her so much. You nailed it! THAT was our Joanie.