Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Skincare

Much to my dermatologist's dismay, I enjoy the sun and always will. But gone are the days of tanning beds, Sun-In, and Baby Oil. If I lay out, it's only for an hour every week, after I lather on my SPF moisturizer. 

I've gotten lots of freebies throughout the years at work, liking some and hating others, but here are some of the skin care products that have stuck around--ones I swear by. 

After all, a little sun won't hurt anybody. And when my dermatologist would yell at me, I would lie and say it was helping my Vitamin D deficiency (which in a twist of fate, I found out during the panel after my blood clot, that I really do have). That's some psychic shit right there, ain't it?

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  1. I also love being out in the sun. It definitely enhances mood and also helps get rid of acne. The rays from the sun actually kill bacterial acne (or P.Acnes) which clog our pores. That is why our skin looks better in the summer than in the winter! (Unless you live in a warm climate all year round of course) If you are interested check out this post about why acne gets worse in the winter.