Monday, August 4, 2014

Seattle Wedding

We had the pleasure of heading to Seattle for the first time for a wedding this past weekend. Now if you remember, Joyce & Thanh's Hawaiian nuptials were already featured on the blog. Their I Guess I Do moment being that they had to scrap their plans for a big wedding and have a quick small one in Hawaii because of the uncertainty of her father's pending liver transplant.

Well good news, Joyce's dad got a new liver and her and Thanh finally got to celebrate with all of their family and friends! Their reception was held at the beautiful Plateau Club surrounded by tons of things I'm not used to seeing in LA -- trees. The couple's love for games was shown through their Jenga Guest Book and Trivial Pursuit place cards. I went 0-5. Shocker.

Overall, it was a quick trip but a great one. We got to explore the waterfront and fish market, which I surprisingly enjoyed despite my disdain for seafood, and more importantly got to catch up with all of our old South Bay friends.

I would definitely go back and next time try to make a pit stop at the Seattle Grace Hospital, maybe McDreamy or Meredith would be there. Yes, I'm that random person that still watches Grey's Anatomy. What can I say? I was taught the importance of dedication.

Have a great week Un-Brides!

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