Monday, August 18, 2014

Planning 101

One of the best decisions I made in the planning process was to hire a wedding planner. I had no clue where to begin planning a wedding in Los Angeles, so I started searching for the best ones in LA. While scouring the interwebs, I saw that Geller Events was voted number one on City Search and chose them because one of their reviews stood out to me: "They are super nice, but bulldogs when they need to be." Sounded like my kind of women. Kyle was sold because he got to play with their dogs and eat chips and salsa at all the meetings. Doesn't take much to win a man over.

Now I may fall into that creepy category, because I still do monthly dinners with our wedding planner Paige Blatt. Did I really hire a wedding planner or am I simply paying for friends? I should probably ponder that question...

But here are some things you should consider before hiring a planner of your own:

Regardless of what you decide to do, also think about the idea of a Day-Of Coordinator. Those can range from 500-2k and may be easier on the wallet. It's always nice to have someone on hand that you aren't related to (so yelling at them isn't as easy) that can deal with setup, take down, or emergency situations (like if the shuttles never show or grandma goes missing, trust me I've seen it happen...)

Wedding planners certainly aren't a necessity but are definitely nice to have. Only you can be the one to make the decision if one is right for you!

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