Monday, May 5, 2014


God didn't bless me with huge gozongas, but I've never been one to complain about these B cups. When my alterations lady said she could build a bra with cups inside the dress, I quickly obliged. 

On a side note, growing up if I ever wore anything remotely low cut, my grandma would say she could see "my valley." Well after trying on my dress for the first time, she was about to see the f@#$ing Grand Canyon. 

I knew Kyle wouldn't complain, but I also knew this situation needed to be toned down. We took out a layer of padding and I also planned on losing weight. Since that is the only region I seem to lose inches from, hopefully it would all work out. Because at this point walking down the aisle, I truly would look like a holy cow.

Tune in Thursday to see how it all turned out, including the complete overhaul I did on the original dress design...

Have a great week Un-Brides!

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