Thursday, April 24, 2014

World War Three

Here's one thing you can surely count on when it comes to wedding planning - at least 2-3 knock down drag out fights. Whether it's with your parents, your spouse, or your friends, you can bet your little bedazzled bridal butt at some point heads are going to roll.

For me, World War Three came at a very typical time - when everything had to be paid in full. My mom was concerned with the budget (rightfully so) and I was unsure of where we stood. Everything was piling up - vendors, bands, decorations, and of course - tensions. This phone call ended with us both in tears, screaming about the Kardashians. Not sure why they always turn up in conversation or why they are still on the TV, but that's beside the point.

So I did as I normally do after confrontations - I ate my feelings. But after some much needed sleep and some queso dip, we worked it out the next day and ironed out the budget.

Remember while planning, that everything sounds good in theory, but the minute you start writing those final checks is the minute you have to start checking your pants. Because shitting your pants is very likely to happen as you watch your bank account drain due to chocolate covered strawberries.

At the time, my "bridal self" thought she would die if she didn't have chocolate covered strawberries dressed like tuxedos. My now "sane self" would have slapped me.

So know that you will be going into battle swinging your muskets and bayonets (yes I too am shocked I still know those terms from high school history), but also know to lay your weapons down after a day. Don't let this little stuff turn into long drawn out fights - or your soon to be "sane self" will be slapping you too. 

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  1. For the record, I really loved those dapper, tuxedo clad, chocolate covered strawberries. I definitely instagrammed that shit and probably ate your money's worth. Not sure if that should make you feel better or just want to slap me!