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Jamie & Mark : Joey Cassel Productions

Everything came full circle for Jamie & Mark when these two childhood friends got engaged! Jamie is a wedding photographer herself, but even she knows nothing can be picture perfect. Not even a long distance venue letdown or some forgotten flowers could stop this chic black & white wedding from taking place. Enjoy Jamie's I Guess I Do moments in her own words below!

Mark and I have been best friends since 5th grade when we bonded over the common hate of jean jackets and the common love of the Miami Dolphins. We remained best friends all throughout high school. I went to school at the University of Toledo and he went to Ohio State. The time apart must have changed the way we looked at each other and we started dating during the summer before our sophomore year of college... and the rest is history!

Surprise Valentine’s Day engagement on a bulldozer?? Yes, you read that right.

I had to travel to Tampa to shoot my sister’s maternity photos and Mark was in Orlando for the largest construction auction in the country, so we decided to make it a joint trip. He wanted me to join him at the auction to see what it was all about. He chose to take me on one of his shorter days (which happened to be Valentine’s Day). 

While exploring the sale, we came upon a D10 Bulldozer, which was one of the first large purchases his father made for their family construction business back in Ohio. Mark fooled me in to climbing on the machine for a photo and when I looked down to see what was taking him so long to get on it too, I realized he was on one knee. He always said “I can guarantee, when I propose you’ll never see it coming. You will be shocked.” He was right!! 

My first I Guess I Do moment came very, very early in the wedding planning process. I found a venue in White Castle, Louisiana that completely embodied Southern Charm…after a month of back and forth phone calls and emails, I was ready to put a deposit down on the venue. Thankfully my husband was very persistent on wanting to see the venue in person. So Mark and I, along with my parents made the 17 hour drive only to find out that this venue was the most disgusting, run down place I'd ever seen. I couldn't even bring myself to get out of the car. So, I cried the entire way to New Orleans where we turn lemons into lemonade (and vodka) and had a great time. Lesson learned: never trust anything online without seeing it in person!

My next moment came the Thursday before our wedding we had arrived in Columbus and I went to the Cheesecake Factory to pay for our cheesecakes. (We had 15 different flavors - Neither of us like cake so that was not an option. The guests loved the cheesecake!) 

So when Saturday morning came, all my dad had to do was pick everything up and take it to the Hilton. When I got there, the bakery attendant looked very confused which quickly turned to panic. My order had never been placed and they had nothing on file for the wedding. Thankfully this is the busiest Cheesecake Factory in the state and maybe even the country so they had plenty in stock and everything turned out okay. Although for about 5 minutes I was a sweating bridezilla… thankfully that's the only time (that I'll admit) that happened.

The only hiccup that occurred the day of the wedding had to do with the flowers. K&K did the most amazing job and I wouldn't change a thing although everyone almost missed the beautiful bouquet they created for me when we arrived at the statehouse and realized I had left it back in the hotel room. I immediately called my mother who was in the limo ready to pull out of the parking lot. My brother in law hopped out and ran up to our room to get it and thankfully no one was the wiser ;)

As a wedding photographer, I see things happen every Saturday that aren't 100% on schedule or to plan. I also am aware at how few of the guests actually know how things are supposed to turn out. As long as you keep your cool and can bend along the way, no one will ever know that everything didn't go according to plan! 

Ceremony: The Ohio Statehouse  Officiant: Judge Beverly McGookey  Reception: The Hilton at Easton Photographer: Sarah Cassel via Joey Cassel Productions  Videographer: Joey Cassel of Joey Cassel Productions  DJ: Brandon Stone via Firelands Entertainment  Cake: Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake   Flowers: K&K Home Furnishings  Limo: Xtreme Limo  Stationary: Collaboration between Jamie Speer & Amy Heflinger - Graphic Designer at Aha Creative 

And now that you got a glimpse of her own wedding, be sure to check out all of the life moments she captures on a day-to-day basis! Be sure to show Jamie's company 1826 Photographic some love on Facebook and check out this video highlighting how talented she is and why everyone agrees!

1826 Photographic from IndieTreeHouse on Vimeo.

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