Thursday, January 23, 2014

Quick Change

Okay, I'll give it to her, I did make her begrudgingly buy a dress two sizes too small. We found it at Bloomingdales while she was visiting LA and it was the last one. We checked all the other stores and it was the only one left. Here's the first dress...

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And given her description over the phone, I was very skeptical about the second one. I came home for my shower that July and she tried the second dress on for me. The moment she came out, I could see on her face that A. She could breathe and B. That she loved it. And so did I - which is why it became the only dress she wore to my wedding. 

The color popped and was a perfect compliment to our "beach chic" wedding and slate colored bridesmaid dresses. She received so many compliments on it. She looked stunning and most importantly she was comfortable! And in the end, as mom's always are - she was RIGHT. 

Love you, Ma.


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