Monday, November 4, 2013

Strippers - Worth It or a Waste?

Alright, lets strike up a convo about one you'll inevitably have before the wedding: Will there be Strippers? 

First off, let me start by saying I took an Un-Bride approach to the whole Bachelorette process as well. I went out with my mom, cousins, and friends to a winery in Ohio, as well as to San Diego with some girlfriends to celebrate, but there is no way in hell you would have seen me sporting a veil and tiara.

Call me a party pooper, I don't care. Parading around in a plethora of plastic covered penises just ain't my thang. If it's yours, that's fine - it just wasn't mine. 

Strippers have always been synonymous with Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. But if you've watched any reality show, you know that drinks and naked pootang before a wedding could be a recipe for disaster. 

Example - Tamra & Eddie on Real Housewives of Orange County, or Mario Lopez and Ali Landry the Doritos Girl. Apparently he allegedly cheated on her with a stripper at his Bachelor party. She found out days later and their marriage was annulled - eek AC Slater!

Either way it's a conversation that you should have before your parties, that way you're on the same page and there aren't any surprises. Kyle and I both agreed we wouldn't have strippers. A dong flapping in my face didn't sound too appealing and Kyle didn't want to be put into any compromising situations that would lead me to A.) nagging him or B.) possibly chopping his dick off.

Friends play a big role in this situation as well. Thankfully, I love Kyle's friends to death. They are great guys. Their bachelor parties always consist of golf and lots of drinking, but our dads could attend the party which says a lot. If you feel strongly about an issue, make sure it's conveyed to your friends as well.

Now if you both are cool with it - great. You are secure in your relationship and trusting, and there isn't anything wrong with that. For me it wasn't about not trusting Kyle, it was that I never have really understood the whole Bachelor/Bachelorette shindig to begin with. 

To me there's a line. I feel like these parties like getting as close to the edge as they can until the line is blurred. And sometimes the line gets crossed - and that's when you have a situation. To which I say - why draw the line at all?

So tell me what you think - Strippers: Worth It or a Waste?

Photos Courtesy: Bravo TV

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