Monday, November 11, 2013

Say No to Jumps

I've never preferred physical activity. Lots of my friends partake in those 5k color runs and half marathon shenanigans and my response is always the same - Why? I don't workout because I enjoy it, I do it because if I look at a cheeseburger, I gain weight. 

And when I'm sitting on my couch facebook stalking, I am inundated with people's workout posts and their six pack ab selfies. (Sidenote: I had a six pack for about a week in high school after a bout with mono, best week ever.) I always feel like commenting - "We get it, you work out. But I was productive too - polished off season one of Brothers & Sisters on Soap Net."

And to boot, all of my bridesmaids are negative two's - I'm the Khloe of the group. When I bought their dresses for the wedding I bought two size smalls and two extra extra smalls. Who knew that was even a size? But guess what I had to do? Exchange some because they were too big. Tiny bitches.

So spare yourself the misery or the possible sprained ankle (trust me, it has happened). When it comes to jumping photos - just say no. 

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