Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Laguna Weekend

Over the weekend we took off to one of our favorite places - Laguna Beach. We've spent every anniversary here and finally celebrated our first one as an official couple. Cell phones were powered down, and computers tuned off. The past couple months have been very hectic for the both of us, and finally I was able to do the one thing I felt like I haven't been able to do in a while - breathe.

We stay at our favorite Bed & Breakfast Casa Laguna every year and always eat at our favorite spots. Fig & Pumpkin Waffles at Casa Laguna, Peach & Chicken pizza from Pizza Lounge, and our new favorite fried deviled eggs from Nick's.

But wouldn't you know - just as everything was going so swimmingly - I do what I normally do - make an ass out of myself. As always, here are the "stories behind the pretty pictures." I'm a flip flop and flats kind of girl. I'm 5'8 and when I wear heels, people always say, "Wow you're tall." But not in a good way - in a wow, you look monstrous kind of way. 

So I decide to spruce the mood and throw on some heels with my dress Friday night. Kyle is holding my hand as I walk along the brick pathway at the inn. I love how I try to be sexy and wear some killer heels while I just look like a drunk baby giraffe.

Anyways, we finally make it out to the car to take us to the restaurant. Kyle drops my hand and gets in, I take one more step and totally bite it. Not just a stumble, I'm talking bite it. After breaking my ankle three times, I'm used to it giving out. I was just hoping I didn't break it again. So there I was sprawled out on a Laguna street in front of our driver and hotel manager. Not only do I fall, but I let out whales of "Ow, ow, ow, shit, shit, shit..." a la the Grape Lady & Scarlett Takes a Tumble. (If you do not know these references, please appease me and watch.)

So yes this picture shows us smiling at the table while I iced my ankle in a dress at this swanky establishment. But it all ended well - after a pitcher of Sangria - I couldn't feel a thing! Until the morning...
But all was not lost, to top off the weekend, Sunday night we spent our first year anniversary watching the final episode of Breaking Bad with its entire cast and our friends at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Tickets sold out in 32 seconds, but by the grace of God we were able to snag some. 

I was worried about being disrupted by the large crowd, but the entire time you could hear a pin drop. Everyone cheered at the great scene at the end (I won't spoil it for those still watching) and gave a standing ovation when it was over. Jimmy Kimmel then did a Q&A with the cast. It was cool to see all of their emotions after many of them also watched it at the cemetery for the first time. 

Walter White & Wedding Cake - I wouldn't have ended it any other way... 

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