Monday, August 19, 2013

I've Never Claimed to be Classy

My sister-in-law has never farted around her husband. Serious kudos to her. But after six months of dating I had to let one fly. I mean I can only sit around with bubble guts for so long. So going on thirteen years together, Kyle has realized that this is one of the many things that makes me the 'total package.'


  1. I am obviously not the sister-in-law you are talking about! LOL. Of course it's okay:)

  2. Well one of the twins is a saint, we can only aspire to be like ;)

  3. Buhahahahah!! Raquel you and kyle are so funny! Lol...I cant remember when i disvirgined my farting habit around my husband but I am sure it was way before we got married X_X

  4. I definitely cannot... Can't do that in front of anyone! Besides my dog. And yes my stomach always hurts and has those dang bubbles. The things I do for my loved ones!