Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Damn Cake

If you know me, you know I'm a very black and white person. I either really really love something or really really hate something, but you always know where I stand. So when it came to my wedding cake, I knew exactly what I wanted.

I had seen this cake in a bakery window while shopping in Manhattan Beach and knew right then and there this was the cake I would have at my wedding. The ruffled frosting reminded me of waves and would go perfect with our modern beach theme. 
Our wedding cake came free with our venue, but you could only go to two specific bakeries. Of course the cake I liked was not made at one of these places, but I would simply bring the picture so they could mimic the design. Easy right? That's what I thought too. Wrong-o. 

Let me try to set the scene.

Meeting 1: 
Where: Beverly Hills Bakery (The Kardashian cake maker - should have been my first sign)
Players Involved: Kyle, Raquel, Both of their mom's from Ohio, & Wedding Planner

After trying what seemed like 30 different flavors and cake fillings. We had finally decided on our top four flavors. **On a sidenote, I was most looking forward to cake tastings, as was Kyle, but by the end you start feeling like the poor dude in Matilda who had to eat all the chocolate cake, accompanied with an overwhelmingly urgent sense to vom.**

But after much back and forth, we had made our decision. This is when the cake lady comes and tells us they could not make the cake because it was "square." She continued to explain the aerodynamics of cake making, saying that because it was square, the layers would have a higher risk of shifting than if it was round. Making them unable to transport it.

I wish you could have seen all of our faces. Our Ohio moms started to get a bit testy and frustrated, and with good reason, so Kyle and I decided not to make any decisions that day. We still had a couple months to go, and would re-group and figure it out later.

Conclusion: Back at Square One.

Meeting 2:
Where: Beverly Hills Bakery
Players Involved: Kyle, Raquel, Wedding Planner, & Bakery Manager

Since we had so many issues with the design I liked being square, I decided to find another design I liked that was round. I tried to pick the simplest cake possible, as to avoid any problems at our next meeting with the bakery manager. So the second time around, here is the cake design I brought in.
I came into this next meeting with the highest of hopes. We were excited to try new flavors and check this cake off our wedding to-do list. We sat down and I slid my new design over to the manager. Her reply, "Oh no. We can't do this. This cake is stacked."

STACKED??? What am I asking for the freaking Michelangelo sculpture???

To which I reply, "We were told it was about being square, not being stacked. Aren't all cakes stacked?" Yet again came our second semester of Cake Aerodynamics. She said our only option was to have plastic pillars in between each layer. For once in my life I was actually at a loss for words and Kyle finally responded, "No pillars. No, pillars. I think we just need to go." We didn't even get to taste a lick of cake, and once again were left downtrodden and defeated by the Kardashian cake mafia.

Conclusion: A step behind Square One.
Meeting 3:
Where: Torrance Bakery
Players Involved: Kyle, Raquel, & Wedding Planner

After so much hassle with Bakery #1 we decided to go with our second and last option Bakery #2. As soon as we walked in, I felt the need to decree to the staff, "MY CAKE IS STACKED." They looked at me as others normally do, like I was bat-shit crazy.

The lady said she had never heard of any issues with square vs. round or stacked cakes. I asked if I could kiss her and she declined.

Everything ended up working out in the end. I went with my round cake design and asked for it to be put on a round cake stand. The Torrance Bakery ended up having our favorite flavor - White cake with buttercream frosting with fresh strawberries and bananas and Bavarian cream filing. And yes it tasted as good as it sounds.

Conclusion: There is a God.

When it comes to weddings, I feel like everyone has a "thing." For some people it may be a DIY project, that turns out to be not-so "DIY" and for others it may be dealing with a certain bridesmaid or family member (there's always one). No matter what, there's always a "thing" during the wedding process that makes you want to turn on Alanis Morissette like you were 17 and chuck your phone out the window. For me - it was the cake. Or as I like to call it - the damn cake.

Unfortunately the story isn't over yet. The week of my wedding I received a phone call from my planner calling to discuss, you guessed it - THE DAMN CAKE!

Tune in Thursday for Part Le Deux. (No, not the club from The Hills - Part Two.)

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