Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Damn Cake - Part Two

At this point it was the week of the wedding. I was on my way to work the Emmy's when I received this phone call. I had an early morning taping the next day and all of my family from Ohio was arriving that night. Needless to say, I could give two shits about the damn cake. I couldn't even be mad about it. I called my mom laughing. At this point all I could do was laugh. 

Cut to the reception, our planner had warned me that they hadn't put the cake on the stand like I had asked. The fact that once again something was wrong with the cake was the farthest thing from my mind. I was too busy dancing to the Motown Band and chugging champs.

The cake ended up turning out great. Did I love it? No. Did I hate it? No. Did I care? No. It wound up landing all over our faces anyways. 

As you'll see in the play-by-play below, I did the traditional smash and pummeled Kyle in the face. But Kyle was the one who had the last laugh. He went in smooth with the right hand which totally faked me out, and had me thinking he was going to be nice. But if you'll notice in the picture, Kyle also had cake in his left hand and successfully landed the ultimate cake crossover - hitting me in the face - fake eyelashes and all. 

Sugar, Butter, and eggs. That's what was causing all of my headaches and anxiety. That's it. 

But apparently there's a science to dealing with said sugar, butter, and eggs - and don't you dare ask for them to be square, let alone stacked...

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