Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jen & Anthony : Craig Evans Photography

Meet Jen & Anthony. Although these two have been married for years, while at her house for dinner, Jen shared her I Guess I Do wedding moment with me, and I just knew she had to tell it to all of you! Enjoy Jen's story in her own words below...

Well, a few days ago Anthony and I (Jen - please remember these names for future reference) celebrated our 9 year anniversary. When Anthony and I (again, Jen) got married, we were married in a Catholic Church because it was highly important to Anthony's mother. We had the church coordinator on our tails about everything: no extra flowers, no changing any of the "decorations" & ONLY 15 minutes for pictures after, no exceptions! If we went over the time, the church would charge us a ridiculous amount. Trust me, we all just wanted to get to the reception anyway.

Anyhow, we were assigned a priest to marry us and were required to meet him several times before the wedding. It dawned on Anthony and I (yes, Anthony and Jen) that this priest seemed to be a little forgetful. When my mom called the head priest, he reassured her that everything would be fine, he just had the very first phase of Alzheimer's. Worried, my mom repeatedly asked this priest his condition, but he was 100% confident there would be no problem.

May 22, 2006, Jen met Anthony down the aisle. A quick note, Anthony does not like the nickname Tony: never has, never will. The priest started by introducing us: Jennifer and Tony. At this moment, I gasped! Oh no, this is going to be bad! But I was wrong, it was worse than I thought. The priest heard my gasp, stuttered, and "fixed" his mistake by saying: "oh, oh, I mean Anthony and Stephanie!" It was the crowd's turn to gasp.

Throughout the wedding, he repeated these names. The second time, the gasps were less and the giggles were transpiring and I supposedly stomped my foot. By the third time, the church echoed with laughter.

Long story short, the coordinator gave us all the time we needed for pictures; how generous.

Back track, a week earlier, we closed escrow on our first home (another story for another time). Fast forward, when we returned from our honeymoon, I took the liberty of going through our new mail at our new home to find our phone bill addressed to: Mrs. Stephanie Innocenti. Seriously?

What is the universe telling us? 

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  1. Amy {Marilyn's Keepsakes}July 9, 2013 at 7:54 AM

    Oh the worst! I was just at a wedding recently where the DJ pronounced the couples last name incorrectly throughout the night! Makes you want to cringe for the couple! Memorable wedding moments to say the least!