Monday, June 24, 2013

Tie The Knot.Org

Everyone's favorite Modern Family star is here to talk with us about how a simple bow tie can make a big difference in the fight towards marriage equality. Enjoy my interview with the one and only Jesse Tyler Ferguson!

Hopefully the millions who let Modern Family into their homes each week will also allow equality and acceptance into their lives. To stay up to date with the latest on the fight for marriage equality and to get a bow tie of your own, visit Tie The Knot.Org. Out of the $25 you spend on a bow tie, $20 goes to foundations supporting marriage equality! What's better than a little Fashion & Philanthropy?


  1. Love the questions you asked him! Has he had an 'I guess I do' moment yet?

  2. Now that gay marriage is legal in California, I'm sure there will be some coming his way!