Sunday, May 5, 2013


I had this conversation with my mother while driving in traffic on the 405. So all in all, a dream situation. She's always had a way with words this one. 

So apparently, not only do you have worry about the weight of your STD but also its dimensions. A square invite costs more to ship because of its "non-standard size." Well who knew that? Obviously not this girl. So note to self Un-Brides when picking out wedding stationary - it's really not hip to be square. Thanks for nothing Huey Lewis.

Every day for the next two weeks, I would check my mailbox like I was checking a pregnancy test. Luckily only one was sent back to us and Kyle's grandma had to pay 11 cents to get hers. Kyle's mom spared me this information until after the wedding to avoid a possible Def Con 5 or Britney Breakdown. She's a smart woman.

Here's the deal - you can either laugh or cry throughout the wedding process. Thanks to my mom, despite always reminding me of the worst possible situations, somehow she would get me to laugh. 

Below is the wedding stationary we chose. We didn't want to go very literal with a beach theme so we tried to do beach with a modern twist. We went with the Seascape design from Minted for the Save the Dates. For the invitations, I thought playing with texture would be cool, so we went with the letterpress Lucidity line from Elum Designs.

I ended up finding all of my stationary online and both companies were amazing to work with. Once you pick out the design you like, do not be in a hurry to buy. Online companies are constantly sending emails with deals. Save yourself some cash to put towards...dun dun dun...extra postage.

Sorry I had to.

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