Wednesday, April 17, 2013

To Video Or Not To Video - That Is The Question

So when it comes to weddings, a photographer is always a given, but not everyone decides to have their wedding captured on video. It's often an option that is desired, but not high on the priority list and is likely to get cut when the budget gets tight. But it's the video that captures the details that would otherwise be forgotten in photographs.

Working in the television industry, I knew that hiring a videographer was going to be important to me. Kyle and I looked at it as if we were buying a gift for ourselves. While it may have stretched our budget at the time, we knew it would be worth it in the end. 

But also working in the television industry, I knew I was going to be picky. My matron of honor's sister, a photographer for BCBG, came across Full Frame Digital Cinema out of Nashville. I fell in love with their work and modern feel. I looked at many other videographers in the Los Angeles area, but in the end it always came back to Full Frame.

Jeffrey, Dave, & Matt did an amazing job at capturing every detail and making us look classy (for a wedding that lasted until 2am - that was going to be a large feat).  Below is their Same Day Edit they did for our wedding. Enjoy!

I would highly recommend having a video made of your wedding. Every bride I talk to wishes they would have had something shot and edited together. If you don't have room in the budget, be sure to have a friend shoot the ceremony and reception. You can easily edit your own footage in iMovie.  

You will be thanking yourselves in the years to come.

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