Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Name Game

Needless to say, there won't be any monogrammed towels in our future.

In yet another chapter of my life titled,"Things That Happen to Me That Don't Happen to Other People" (just wait until my honeymoon story - you'll completely understand), my given name is Kelly Raquel Dalton. Now you may be asking yourself why my parents didn't just name me Raquel. In my mother's very own words it was because, "Welp, your Dad thought Raquel Welch was hot, but we didn't know if you would be able to pull it off." As you can see, they had high hopes for their child. My early childhood dream was to be waitress at Ponderosa, so they weren't far off...

Skip to 27 years later, I proceed to marry a man named Kyle Sean Kelley. Yep, you guessed it, my name is Kelly Raquel Kelley. Talk about a crap luck of the draw. Not only do I technically have the same first and last name but I also have the same name as a WWE Diva whose tagline is "So nice they named her twice." Awesome.

I had started going by my middle name before college, so for about over 10 years now. At some point I will get around to legally changing it to Raquel Dalton Kelley, which still sounds pretty stupid, but at this point I'll take whatever I can get.

Okay, enough nonsense, back to the lighting. For me, lighting was a very important aspect I wanted as part of my wedding. I spared expenses on details like favors and photobooths and put that money toward the lighting budget instead. Lighting creates a mood and makes for a more intimate atmosphere.

My request was for blue and purple hues. Paige Blatt of Geller Events and the team at Lighten Up ran with my idea and truly transformed our ballrooms. The Dining Room consisted of pin spot lighting on the tables, uplighting on the walls, and a wash over the dance floor. The After Party Ballroom had more of a lounge feel complete with different flowers, couches, ottomans and lighting highlighting each vignette.

As for the monogram debacle, you'll see we wisely went with "K Squared" instead.

Photos courtesy: Marianne Lozano

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