Monday, April 1, 2013

Be Our Guest

If you're anything like me, you spend more time worrying about what you're going to wear to a wedding rather than worrying about that plane ticket you should have bought months ago.

Picking out a dress as a guest can be just as tricky as picking out your own wedding gown. You want your dress to fit the occasion and not stand out too much as to distract from the bride. You also want to stay the hell away from white. Don't tell yourself it's cream, anything in the vicinity of white is sure to get some stank eyes coming your way.

And don't forget you'll be dancing - well you should be at least. So try to remember comfort. I always suck in my stomach in the dressing room mirror forgetting that in order mimic this look, I would have to suck it in and not breathe the entire night. And let's be honest there's no way that's going to happen when there's wedding cake involved. 

And lastly the sweat test. Most of my weddings are back in the humid Ohio weather which I always seem to forget and trust me this girl sweats. Last summer, despite my double Spanx, I still had a major case of swamp ass. I tried to discretely have Kyle block me, but that plan went array when he got drunk and he started pointing and yelling "Swamp Thing." Cute. 

Below are some looks on my radar for wedding season. I think the first look (minus the hat) could work for a spring wedding, the second for a cocktail attire wedding, and the third is a chic choice for a beach wedding. I paired them with some accessories for a little more color and edge.  Enjoy!

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