Monday, March 4, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner - Tour of Italy?

This quote pretty much sums up my Dad and our wedding planning experience together. I'd liken him to Chandler Bing from Friends, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't joking about this Olive Garden thing. 

Often the Rehearsal Dinner is left until the end of planning, but with it comes its own set of drama and politics. Luckily, Kyle's mom offered to pay for ours and was super easy going about it. She let us choose the place and every other aspect. And no - endless pasta bowls and breadsticks were not on the menu.

But lots of times the Rehearsal Dinner can be yet another headache. Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is just for the Bridal Party and their guests. We stuck to this rule and I recommend doing so because once you add one person, three more are soon to follow, and before you know it you're planning your second wedding. 

We ended up choosing Ocean Bar in Hermosa Beach as our venue. It was right down the street from where we lived and wasn't traditional and stuffy. We had our dinner on the third floor roof top lounge. 

We ended up just having our parents, grandparents, bridal party, and their significant others. Our total for the rehearsal was 29. But we did let our out of town guests know where we were having the party so they could meet up with us afterwards. It ended up working out perfectly.

But here's something that didn't work out perfectly - everything leading up to the Rehearsal. All of Kyle's family and my brother were flying out from Cleveland together Thursday morning. Their flight was supposed to get in at 10:30am. Their flight landed at LAX at 5:30pm. Guess what time we were supposed to leave for rehearsal at the church? 5:30pm.

Needless to say Kyle and my dad were frantically driving around Los Angeles trying to get everyone checked in, changed, and to the chapel. I spent the first 45 minutes of my wedding rehearsal with my planner acting as the groom. 

But with 15 minutes to spare everyone showed up and we were able to do one final run through. 

Then I drank a huge glass of Reisling (as I often do), and the night went swimmingly. 

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