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Jill & Thomas : Linczak Photography

Meet Jill & Thomas. Two of my favorite people on planet earth. Jill was the most laid back bride I had ever met and inspired me to have that attitude toward my own wedding. Their I Guess I Do moments include a dress dilemma and a rainy day. Enjoy Jill's story in her own words below.

There I was, going in for my first wedding dress fitting. I was marrying Thomas in June, and we were so excited to share our big day with all of our closest family and friends.

The process of selecting the dress up until this point had gone very smooth. I picked a day and went to a few bridal shops with my mom, grandmother, and a few bridesmaids. While I looked at many dresses, I ultimately picked the third dress I tried on. I felt confident in my choice and everyone else agreed. That was easy enough!

I proceeded to complete all the fitting requirements…measurements, veil, jewelry, shoes, etc.

(Note: because the bottom of the dress had a scalloped hem and could not be shortened, they also had to order a specific length.) When taking my measurements, I was told that I was between two sizes. If you’ve ever been fitted for a bridal gown or a bridesmaids dress before, you know the words I heard next…“We HIGHLY recommend that you order the larger size…just to be safe. It’s always better to have a dress taken than to have it be too tight.”

I had a decision to make… Option A: order the smaller size, the same size as the sample dress I actually tried on. It was a little tight, but I could probably lose another 5 pounds and pull it off. Or, Option B: Listen to the sales rep and seamstress and go with the larger size, knowing that they would make sure it fit perfectly for the wedding. I selected option B, placed my order and waited 5 months for the call telling me the dress had arrived!


My mom and I went in for my first fitting. The dress was definitely too big. It was so big, I remember being able to pull it completely up and down while wearing it. But I wasn’t worried. I knew what to expect, which was why I was there for the fitting. I came out to the mirrored area just as the seamstress was walking up…the same seamstress that recommended I order the larger sized dress.

We talked for a few minutes about how pretty the dress was and how nice the length looked with my shoes. Then, my mom and I started to ask where she would be taking the dress in…I assumed under the arms and completely down the sides. It was at this point, the seamstress told us that she could not alter my dress. WHAT?????? “The dress is all lace” she said. “I’m afraid I’d ruin its integrity.”

I turned to look at my mom, not even knowing how to respond to that statement. I’ve never see her look so angry…I thought steam was going to start coming out of her ears. These were the people who recommended we order the larger size, and ensured us that they would handle all the alterations. My mom basically went off on them, and I’m glad she was there because I’m not sure I would have known what to do. We tried to think of options, called a few other people who might be able to do the alterations. Then, my mom remembered the sample dress from 5 months earlier. “Do you still have that one here?” she asked…and they did!

It was still a little tight, and way too long, but we all agreed it was the best option. We bought taller shoes and they gave me a free pair of spanx to wear under the dress…I was going to need them!

On the day of the wedding, when I finally put the dress on, I was nervous and a little paranoid about how it was going to look. I could find all kinds of reasons why it didn’t look perfect, but at the end of the day, it worked and I was not going to let anything ruin this experience. Thomas and I had worked hard to put together an awesome party, and we were ready to celebrate our marriage!


People tell me I was a good sport about a lot of things that day (it also rained and we had to move a planned outdoor ceremony inside). But I still remember the advice my brother-in-law shared prior to our wedding. He said, “It’s pretty much a guarantee that not everything will go perfectly on the day of your wedding. But you cannot let that stop you from enjoying the moment. People get so hung up on what doesn’t go right, that they forget why they’re there.”

It may sound silly, but you know it happens, and I’m so glad I took his advice. Thomas and I still talk about the great memories from our wedding day!

Photographer: Linczak Photography Venue: Raintree Country Club Flowers: Country Flowers & Herbs Cake: All Occasions Bakery Dress: Casablanca

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