Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Hate To Say It, But Sometimes They're Right

At least he cared right? Luckily Kyle didn't care about much, which made my life a bit easier. Admittedly he would come to the wedding planning meetings because our planners would feed him chips and salsa and he got to play with their dogs. Most of the time he spaced out, but when he did speak, it was always something worth listening to.

I am definitely a creative minded person. I'm not good with details and can no longer do simple math. A job in TV has lead me to be dumber than my 8th grade self. No lie. Kyle on the other hand is very logical.

So even though I'm very stubborn and get caught up in my own way of thinking, it was important for me to make a mental note of stopping to ask Kyle what he thinks. Most of the time he would be watching Duke and could care less, but other times he would have a come to Jesus moment and find a solution to my problem. (It was usually cheaper as well, that's how it always seems to roll in our household.)

I was talking with a co-worker this week who is in full swing with her wedding planning and she brought up a good idea. Her constant wedding talk was getting a bit stressful and causing fights in her relationship. Now they set aside "meeting" times, which are the only times they talk about the wedding. 

How genius. I'm sure you're partner and everyone else would agree. No one wants to be around the 'All I Talk About Is My Wedding' Girl. Worried that might be you? If you are questioning it, it probably is.

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