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Colleen & Eric : New Image Photography

Colleen and Eric had a gorgeous traditional wedding. But like any over-the-top affair, there are always some mishaps. Their I Guess I Do moments include one hell of a hangover, a bullshit band, and a dress that left the bride hugging an air conditioner. Enjoy Colleen's story in her own words below.
Hello brides-to-be! My name is Colleen and my husband Eric and I had a year and a half engagement filled with a spectrum of different feelings. One minute would be filled with love and butterflies and the next minute it would be tears and yelling. No one ever tells you getting engaged would be the most exhausting thing you’ll ever do! 

Our wedding day was absolutely beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky and a perfect 72 degrees. Of course, I wake up with the world’s largest hangover. Way to go, Colleen. I had a house full of makeup artists, hair dresser, party planner, bridesmaids and parents and I’d rather die than get out of bed. My mom dragged me out of bed, popped some Tylenol into my mouth and sent me straight to the shower. I took a hot shower and got out feeling refreshed and ready to go. Let’s get married!

My hair dresser put my hair up to perfection. Next was makeup and boy was that going to be a job because I broke out just in time for the big day. Finally, my absolutely fabulous photographer came and captured the rest of the morning. I put my wedding dress on and felt amazing. It was a princess dress and I was in love. It was HUGE and HOT, but I didn’t care. I looked good! Things were going wonderfully, right?? Wrong….

The limo was late. There were way too many people at the house that shouldn’t be there (soon to be in-laws, friends, family, etc). No one was listening and following my perfectly set out plan. I was going to freak out! Keep calm.. Keep calm… I finally have had it and start yelling at people to get into the limo and of course everyone looks at me like I have 10 heads. Why is she yelling? What the hell is wrong with her?

We get to the church and the florist was just getting there at the same time we were. He was hung over. Totally awesome. He is handing out the wrong flowers to the wrong person and could barely stand up straight. Do I scream or just tell him I’ll do it myself? My twin sister sees my face and takes charge. Thanks, Sis. (I later found out he was fired and my sister used them for her wedding with no problems). Blah, blah blah… I’m married! Stunning mass filled with violinists and an opera singer with the most beautiful voice. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Did I mention… I’m married!

Our reception was held at The Old Courthouse in Cleveland. It was breathtaking. Marble floors, street lamps, marble staircases. Just absolutely stunning and I loved it. The food was great. The bar was top notch. Dinner was a little late being served, but I did have 345 guests. Who wants cold food? I was okay with a little longer of a wait on dinner and no one noticed so that was bonus. We had an ice cream bar and late night snacks as well. It was a rockin' party!

My major I Guess I Do moment was with our stupid band that my husband HAD to have. I couldn’t have made it any easier for these assholes. I gave them a timeline, a list of music and free booze. They were supposed to be ready to announce the bridal party and they weren’t. I had to give them a new list and rush the intro of everyone. They forgot the father/daughter dance and son/mother dance so I had to remind them. The caterer made enough food for my vendors to feed 30 people (which was way more food than we needed) and those fuck heads ate it ALL and didn’t save any for anyone else. My poor photographer and wedding planner didn’t eat until way later because of it. I couldn’t believe it. They double fisted top shelf liquor all night and THEN, they played the wrong music!!! Not one song did they play that I asked them to. At the end of the evening I finally asked them what the hell and their excuse… Oh sorry, we had the wrong play list for another wedding. UGH!!!!!!!!!! They played old people music all night. They are so lucky that the bar was so awesome that no one even noticed, but believe me.. I did. I will never recommend those assholes to anyone ever! They were terrible.

My wedding day was the best day of my life. With that being said, there were a million different things that happened that made me nuts. I look back at them and I just laugh at them now. My biggest suggestion to brides to be would be to not sweat the small stuff. Your wedding is not going to be perfect. There are going to be bumps along the way and you just need to work around them and continue on your way. I let too many things bother me that I wish I would have just let go. My second suggestion is to make sure you eat! I was so freaking hungry and hot and crabby I could have died. Eat and relax ladies!

The things that you think are going to ruin your wedding end up being your favorite memories!

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