Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You'll Wear It Again - Um, Yeah, Ok.

Every bride says it, but is it true? "I picked out these dresses because you can totally wear them again!" My closet in Ohio is full of bridesmaid dresses that I could "totally wear again." Having been a bridesmaid myself, I swore I would pick out a dress that would hold true to this statement. 

When choosing the dress, I tried to look beyond the conventional bridesmaid looks. Sometimes you have to snap yourself out of what you're told a bridesmaid should wear and just pick out something you genuinely like. I said I would only choose a dress I would wear myself, not just in a wedding but to any normal occasion. I ended up choosing an asymmetrical studded dress by BCBG, Napier earrings, and nude Vince Camuto pumps.

Then comes the part that every bridesmaid dreads. How much? This is when they dig into their pocketbooks, write a check with rage, and proceed to call the other maids and bitch about you. When I first saw this dress it was very pricey - $365. I knew I would never make my bridesmaids pay that much, because I myself would never want to spend that much. 

So I asked myself what I would want to spend if I were in a wedding and that was $200 for EVERYTHING. So I ended up waiting to purchase the dress during their Friends and Family sale, which I knew happened every Labor Day and got 40% off. Don't let me fool you, I like nice things but every nice thing I own comes from Ebay. I'm the Ebay Queen. So when it comes to your bridesmaid dresses, hold off a bit. Never buy a new style. Wait a month or two and the dress you like is sure to drop in price. 

Now onto the accessories. This is what typically sends any bridesmaid over the edge. Not only do they have to pay for a dress, they have to pay for shoes, earrings, hair and makeup. My bridesmaids were flying out to California for my wedding, so I felt it was only right to pay for all of this. I gifted the shoes, earrings, makeup, and hair. Remember, these people are your friends. Not your indentured servants on your big day. Treat them right. 

This is also why I went with 4 bridesmaids. It's not only expensive on them, but on you as well. Now if you have a boatload of friends then go for it. But I choose my friends like I choose my gynecologist - wisely. 

Dress: BCBG  Shoes: Vince Camuto  Earrings: Napier via Kohls Makeup & Hair: Christine George via Luxe Parlour

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