Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Guest Count - Blarg.

O the ever dreaded guest count. Who knew a number could rule your life more than the one on the scale. This little number meant more to me than mexican food - which is saying alot coming from a girl who chases margaritas with a gallon of queso. It determines everything - the venue, the seating chart, and the amount of money you spend.

It's pretty sad when your response to getting a 'yes' RSVP from Aunt Ethel in Virgina (the one with the back problems who you thought couldn't travel) wasn't 'O how nice, I haven't seen her since age six!' - it was 'What the fuck??? This bitch just messed up my sudoku puzzle of a seating chart!!'

The guest count always has a way of pitting mother vs. daughter, son vs. in-laws, and family vs. family. Everyone has a say on who they think should be there, but at some point everyone has to make concessions. As always, family comes first but hopefully your parents understand you would rather have close friends make the cut over random extended cousins.

The single greatest piece of advice I ever received about the guest count came from my Supervising Producer at work. She said it's simple, just go down the list and ask yourself 'Will I be talking to this person 10 years from now?' If you said no, they shouldn't be on your list.

If all parties involved abide by this rule, your guest count process may go smoother than you think. (Well as long as you don't add alcohol to the mix. As you can see from the above quote, I did and got scolded.)

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