Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From the Groom

3 Simple Wedding Planning Tips for the Fellas

1. If you really want something to be included in your wedding, let her know early on in the planning process. If you wait until colors, flowers, and place settings are already decided, your sweet fog machine and laser lights probably aren't going to make the cut. For me, my only true request was that I wanted to wear black. I refused to be the guy wearing the horrible purple and pink vest and tie. I made sure to be very clear about this from the beginning. I didn't ask for much, but because I didn't - I got what I wanted.

2. There are going to be breakdowns. Trust me. I had just complimented Kel on what a great bride she was only to come home to her having a complete wedding breakdown because she just received an expensive dental bill in the mail. Yea, it didn't make sense to me either, but I didn't tell her that. Never tell them how crazy you really think they are. Just nod your head and smile while they proceed to get snot all over your shirt.

3. In the end, remember you're a dude. When you find yourself in a debate on whether you should have the peach or red napkins, step back and say to yourself 'Wait, I'm a dude.' Sometimes you need to remind yourself of that. You would have never cared about this before, so why should you now. We all know how much this day means to her. Even if she is the type to downplay the importance of it all and say ‘Oh, it’s just one day’ or try to make your ridiculous ideas acceptable like 'No, it’s OK, I think your NFL themed reception idea is fine', you know damn good and well she doesn’t mean that. While it is important for us to speak our minds and get a little piece of us in the wedding, ultimately, as long as your future bride is happy, you should be happy too.

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